Restoring Fort McMurray

Posted by  on Jun 8, 2016 in CommunityServices | Comments Off on Restoring Fort McMurray

"Helping neighbors 1200 km away"


Our crew readies the new BioSweep van unit for the 1200 km journey to Fort McMurray last Sunday.

Our teams were super excited about helping the people of Fort McMurray return their lives to normal and getting them back in their houses as soon as possible.

It's always a somber moment coming up n the scene of a tragedy we are called in to help recover from. It was a bit surreal rolling into Fort McMurray, with many first responders on the side of the highway welcoming people back.

In one neighbourhood on one side of the street the folks lost everything - the houses were just gone. On the other side houses are still standing but need work.

Brings tears to our eyes...

We are happy to be able to use the talents God gave us to restore hope and home to the community of this beautiful part of Canada. Please pray for the people of Fort McMurray who have been through so much.