Mould Removal and Remediation in BC

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Usually we can remove the contamination without the need for you to vacate your home.

Everyone has heard of the danger posed by black mould. In fact, it has become such an item of concern that it has been on the news, home shows, magazines, movies and the cause of many sleepless nights for people fearful of the un-reversible health effects that it may be causing to them and their children. But what is black mould?

The truth is that “Black Mould” is a title that has been given to a small group of toxigenic moulds that have had a few high profile cases in recent times. The truth is that the colour of the mould has little to do with the toxic properties it may or may not have. Mould can be green, red, white, brown, blue, orange, or any combination of, and all have the potential to be toxic.

Mould is such a hot topic these days that it almost seems to be a recent phenomenon. The truth is mould has been around longer than we have, and it is everywhere. Mould is present almost everywhere on the planet and our homes are no exception. Even when mould is not visibly growing it is still present. Spores, produced by mould colonies, travel through the air until finding a surface to settle upon. If water is present on that surface, the mould will grow.

Some adverse health effects that have been linked to mould range from skin irritation to headaches and respiratory problems. New research is only starting to link the affects mould exposure has on our health. The one thing that is certain, if mould is not dealt with properly and professionally a bad situation can be made worse. With mould we are not only dealing with visible growth but also microscopic spores that become disturbed and aerosolized during removal of the affected material. Universal utilizes cutting edge HEPA filtration technologies, and proven containment and removal methods to remove mold contamination in the safest possible way. In most cases, we can remove the contamination without the need for you to vacate your home. At Universal Restoration, we work in accordance with the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation. With Universal Restorations, your health and safety come first.


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