Odour Remediation

Usually one day is all we need to eliminate unpleasant odours.

Universal Restorations is truly the export when it comes to eliminating unpleasant odours. Our certified crews have all types of equipment available from Hydroxyl machines, thermal foggers, ULV, ozone and the technically advanced BioSweep. We know how difficult it is to eliminate odours as caused by fires, protein, animals, Biohazards, cigarette smoke and oil spills. The evolution of Odour eradication and disinfection is available through Universal Restorations. BioSweep PCO technology produces simultaneous, interrelated forms oxidation to eradicate airborne organic contaminants by destroying the molecules, bacteria and spores that cause unpleasant smells.

In cases of protein fires and regular fires, where possible try not disturb any contents or furnishings in the structure from the original position. With a combination of highly skilled cleaners and the deployment of BioSweep we can eradicate all odours in the structure and contents. Our strength is that we have proven the amount of material that has to leave the site will decrease and we will identify clearly what services are required through the cleaning and remediation process.

The first step to odour eradication is to identify the source, if the source cannot be identified we have the technology through the migration of gases we are able at minimum to identify the source area. The next step is to identify if heating / air condition systems are needed to be engaged or isolated. Than we formulate a treatment plan to complete the task at hand.

For cleaner air and the elimination of unpleasant odours the team at Universal is there. We have been very successful in our treatments and are called upon regularly by Insurance companies, Health officials, property managers and realtors.